Great Ways to Reduce Your Spending!

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With Christmas just around the corner, it is more important than ever before that we reduce the amount we spend in the shops. If you haven’t started with a plan yet, it might be time to consider signing up for some of the offers out there. Whether you are a fan of online shopping or would like to take advantage of local offers, there is something for you if you look around. Below you will find a few tips to save money every day, not only during the Christmas period.



If you are not currently couponing, you are missing out. People with kids can take advantage of the offers and still get their little ones’ favorite brands. Whether it is baby items you are looking for or want to get a better price on a Christmas present, you will be able to find coupons online and offline, as well. Pick up the magazines and sign up for your local supermarket’s mailing list to get them via the post.


Some great cashback sites help you save up enough money to save on larger purchases further down the line. From membership offers to one-off cashback offers, you can locate the deals based on your shopping habits and which departments you visit the most often. Cashback offers are often attached to credit cards, so make sure you don’t overspend and spend your earned credit on interest and charges.

Vouchers for Surveys

A good way of cutting the cost of your spending is online surveys. You can get a discount code or a voucher you can redeem at your local store or online if you choose the right site to join. Sites like Survey Junkie send you different short or longer surveys and add money to your account that you can redeem in the form of discount, cash, or a voucher. Once you have enough credit, you can use your discount to cut the cost of your purchases.

Air Miles

In case you are a holiday junkie and would like to cut the cost of your travel, you must join a travel club that offers you air miles after every purchase. There are a couple of offers out there, and you have to choose one depending on whether you like traveling locally or long haul. You might even get a discount or a free night at your chosen hotel.

Loyalty Cards


If you have a regular supermarket you are shopping at; it makes financial sense to sign up for a loyalty card. You can earn points with every purchase and spend your credit the next time you are short of cash or would like to save money.

There are several smart ways of spending less and still getting the quality life we deserve. Try some of the above methods and see where they take you 12 months from now. You are likely to be better off financially and more money-conscious.

5 Great Ways to Reduce Your Spending

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