Top 10 Hacks for Maximizing Your Victoria’s Secret Savings

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Who doesn’t loooove Victoria’s Secret? Of course, there’s love, and then there’s going broke because you can’t possibly buy your undergarments, perfume, or bathing suits anywhere else. The truth is we all have a hard time holding back at Victoria’s Secret, but thankfully, you can save a lot of money if you know a few insider tips. We’ve done all the research for you—here are our top hacks for saving big at Victoria’s Secret. Enjoy all of your favorite products without emptying your bank account!


Stretching every penny, but desperate for a new bathing suit? We’ve got you covered! Here are our top 10 Victoria’s Secret Hacks for saving at the store you adore.

1. Know When You Should Shop

Our first and most important hack is to familiarize yourself with the best—and worst—times to shop at Victoria’s Secret. After conducting our research, we’ve concluded the best times are January and June after the crazes of December and May have died down. Sales during these months can include “buy one, get one free” offers or sets of bathing suits for one discounted price. Of course, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for ways to save at other times of the year, too. Victoria’s Secret offers some incredible discounts on Black Friday, for example.

2. Join the VS Newsletter

This one’s a no-brainer. Subscribe to the VS newsletter to get specials right in your inbox! The store regularly sends out 10%-off coupons and exclusive codes to save online or at the checkout counter. Plus, you get a 10%-off discount on your birthday. 

3. Sign Up for the VS Catalog

You might think catalogs are old school, but if you wouldn’t mind getting exclusive deals from Victoria’s Secrets every month, it’s time to subscribe. Each month’s catalog offers excellent rewards like a free item or exclusive coupons. And you’re the first to know about any hot new products. It sounds like a win-win!

4. The Semi-Annual Clearance Sale is Everything

Keep your eyes OPEN for Victoria’s Secret’s semi-annual clearance sales. You’ve got to hit these sales on day one or day two before all of the best pieces have been snatched up, and all that’s left are the bad prints. Subscribing to the newsletter is a great way to find out about this sale as early as possible, so you never miss this fantastic chance to save!

5. Price Adjustment is a Blessing

Don’t like the bathing suit, bra, or underwear you bought during your last shopping spree? No sweat. At Victoria’s Secret, you can exchange your item within 14 days of purchase or three weeks if you bought online. Also, keep an eye out for price reductions on whatever you purchased. If you notice that a product got discounted after you purchased it, you can return to the store and ask for a price adjustment.

6. Get Your Hands on Discounted Gift Cards

If you know for sure you’re going to spend money at Victoria’s Secret, the best way to save is to get your hands on discounted gift cards. Find them at various websites like, where insider sources reveal you can save up to 22% on multiple items at Victoria’s Secret.

7. Sign Up for a VS Credit Card

Having your very own Victoria’s Secret credit card has a lot of perks (though stay away if you don’t think you can pay it off every month). According to the VS website, here’s what happens if you sign up for their credit card:

  • $10 Angel Reward for every 250 points you earn ($1 means 1 point)
  • $10 gift card for your birthday every year as long as your VS card is active and in use
  • Free shipping on all orders that have a bra in it
  • Early access to the semi-annual clearance sale! 

8. Want Free Panties?

According to an insider source, there are three ways to get free Victoria’s Secret panties:

  • Download the Victoria Secrets app. If you do your online VS shopping through the app, you get a free panty with every purchase you make.
  • Sign up for the catalog. The catalog offers subscribers free panties 3-4 times a year, though the months you’ll receive them are unpredictable.
  • Sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter will give you access to coupons and discount codes you can use for free panties or deals that give away a pair with another purchase.

9. The Winter Sale is Worth it:

The winter sale is ideal for saving big on perfumes, sleepwear, and lingerie. Longer than the summer sale and with more significant discounts, the winter sale is the best time to stock up on all of your favorites. Victoria’s Secret lovers look forward to it all year long!

10. Don’t Like a Bra After Wearing It? Give It Back

You can’t return a bra that has been used ten times (or more). But if you’ve only worn a bra once or twice and it isn’t damaged, you can bring it back to the store. According to an ex-employee at Victoria’s Secret, as long as you have a receipt, a bra can be returned or exchanged within 90 days, even if you’ve worn it a couple of times. Also, if you’re making a return, you’ll get your money back.

What are you waiting for? Time to put these hacks to use and get shopping at Victoria’s Secret. We wish you luck scoring great deals and discounts during your next shopping spree!


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