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Colorme Art Spa

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With everything going on in the world today, We could all use a little pick me up. I wanted to do something special for my mother in law for her birthday. Due to Covid-19, I knew we could not have a party.

Colorme art spa

I found COLORME Art Spas Virtual Birthday Party.  Its an art party involving the person’s favorite things. You select unique things about the person and get to decorate it, to make a lasting memory.

Colorme art spa Colorme art spa

Here’s how it works, they will create a custom Colorme birthday drawing. They then cut it into squares for people to color and share at the virtual birthday party. The party guests will receive the items sent to their homes. You set a date to meet on a virtual platform, like Facetime or Houseparty, and create together. Once it is done, you mail it back to the Special person so that they can put the puzzle pieces together. (I did not do the virtual part, I just wanted something for my kids to do for my mother-in-law, aka mom mom).

I chose to contain the things that my mother in law enjoys inside the art, like the beach, country music, family, sports, and wine. The image also displays her name and birth date.

Colorme art spa Colorme art spa

Honestly, it was cool to see them put their spin on the art. Each piece was going to be unique and different. I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out.

When they finished, we put the pieces together, and it was beautiful. They were so proud of the finished product. They even asked if they could have one for themselves.

Colorme art spa Colorme art spa Colorme art spa Colorme art spa

The COLORME Art Spa Kit was a fun and easy way to create something special for someone and have everyone be apart of it, virtually.

Colorme art spa

Colorme Art Spa

This is not just for birthdays. They also do Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Bar-mitzvah, Sports, and Graduation themes.


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