15 Top Hacks: How to Save Money at Walmart

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If you’re a frugal person on a tight budget, there’s no better place to shop than Walmart. One of the largest retailers in America, this mega-company, offers the lowest prices on a wide range of inventory. But did you know you can save even MORE money at Walmart with a few simple tricks? Keep reading to learn our top hacks for saving money at Walmart!

15 Ways to Save Money at Walmart

We promised hacks, and we delivered! Here are 15 tips and tricks for cutting costs at your nearest Walmart store:

1. Print Your Coupons

Walmart stores accept coupons printed from the Internet, so dust off your printer and grab a pair of scissors. Just make sure coupons are printed clearly so they can be verified easily. Several websites and apps offer Walmart coupons—just start Googling “Walmart coupons” and see what you find.

2. Don’t Purchase Toiletries at Walmart

Though Walmart is usually the top place to save on household items, this is NOT true for toiletries. Toiletries at Walmart are slightly more expensive than at comparable stores. So leave your toiletries for elsewhere and shop the rest of your list at Walmart.

3. Use Competitor Coupons at Walmart

Yes, Walmart accepts competitor coupons! Bring in discount coupon codes from other retailers to receive the same savings at Walmart, as long as your discount codes are verified and validated.

4. Get Prices Adjusted After a Sale

Made a big purchase at Walmart, only to find your item on sale the very next week? Don’t sweat. Just go back to the store and show Customer Service your receipt, and usually, they’ll credit you the difference without asking questions.

5. Take Advantage of Free Samples

When Walmart offers free samples, don’t hesitate to accept them! Most free samples come with a coupon code to save on your purchase of that item. Especially for skincare products, take advantage of free merchandise and savings. 

6. Price Match Without an Ad

Walmart matches competitors’ prices, but even better, you don’t have to bring in a printed ad to receive a price match. Walmart will look up competitors’ pricing and give you the appropriate discount. For more info on this, be sure to explore Walmart’s price-match policy on their website.

7. Buy Walmart Brand

Most Walmart-brand products are equivalent to their more expensive, brand-name counterparts, so why pay more? Buy Walmart for serious savings without cutting quality.

8. Use Coupons to Earn Money

This one is almost too good to be true. If you have a coupon for $30 off and your total bill comes to $20, Walmart will give you the $10 difference. That’s right; they will provide you with cashback based on your coupons. It doesn’t get better than that.

9. Download a Cash-back App

Cash-back apps like Ibotta will save you a lot of money at Walmart and various other retailers, too. Using apps like this one, you’ll be able to get cashback on your purchases just by uploading a picture of your receipt. So before your next Walmart shopping spree, download a free cashback app and check out all of the offers available. You can then tailor your shopping around the offers you find. After you upload your receipt, most cashback apps transfer money to you within two days. Some of them even offer you extra discounts just for signing up.

10. Shop online.

This one is simple. Most items are cheaper on Walmart’s website than in the store, so shop online whenever you can.

11. Use the Free Pickup Option to Save on Shipping

When you do shop online, never pay for shipping! Instead, choose “in-store pickup” to go get them from your nearest physical store within 24 hours. 

12. Download the Walmart App

Download the Walmart app, which has a great feature called Savings Catcher. This functionality offers various rewards, automatic price matches, and online and in-store price comparisons, so you never miss an opportunity to save. It’s a great way to maximize your discounts without having to do any of the work.

13. Wake Up Early to Save on Perishables

Walmart tends to sell meat and other perishable items for lower prices in the morning, so rise and shine to reap your reward. 

14. Get the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card

This is a rewards card that lets you receive 1.5% cashback on all Walmart purchases. Seriously, this is free money, so if you can qualify and you shop at Walmart a lot, this card is a must. Not only that, if you spend $500 at Walmart in the first three months of signing up for the card, but you’ll also receive a $150 bonus.

15. Use Paribus for Refunds Without the Hassle

Using Paribus, you can receive cash back on purchases you make online. So hurry and sign up—it’s completely free. All you have to do is send your email confirmation of an online purchase to Paribus, and it will check for any price drops and apply the refund for you automatically.

Cut Your Costs with These Walmart Money-Savers

What are you waiting for? Make your Walmart purchases with confidence now that you’re armed and ready to save big. We hope you enjoy putting our Walmart money-saving hacks to use on your next shopping spree!


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