How ELITONE helps with Urinary Incontinence

ELITONE box and device

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How ELITONE helps with Urinary IncontinenceELITONE logo

I know that women are going through worry about leakage issues and are embarrassed to talk about it.  I was able to test out a product called ELITONE, which is “FDA-cleared” is an alternative solution to help women who have incontinence problems. I was surprised how easy, comfortable, and just how very discreet it is to use.  I would recommend anyone with incontinence leakage to try out ELITONE before you try any pills or surgical procedures.  You never know, this might just help you in so many ways.  Make sure you check out the reviews and see how other women are loving ELITONE as well.  Read more about ELITONE below and then Try it for yourself.

ELITONE box and device


is comfortable, smooth (not scary or hard to use), and empowers women to take control of a sensitive health issue.
Women’s urinary stress incontinence has non-invasive treatments available that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It is a manageable condition that ELITONE can help you get a hold of, and then you can continue doing the things you love (but held back from) like dancing, working out, or jumping on a trampoline with your kids.


Facts about urinary stress incontinence:

  • About 1 in 3 women suffer from SUI at some point in their lives. 1
    ● According to the 2019 Global Market Insights Inc. report, global shares for the stress incontinence market in 2018 were 9.5 billion, set to rise to 15 billion by 2025. 2
    ● Incontinence is the leading cause of admission to nursing homes. ³(Although women aren’t thinking of being old, they are always worried that their incontinence will get worse in the future- and it will if they don’t get treated early!)
    ● Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is almost always the first step.


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Testimonials from actual women who have tried ELITONE and have had success, include:
● “This is brilliant! It is so not invasive, so simple, and so comfortable. I’ve tried so many things over the last 15 years. This was the easiest, yet the most productive. I truly love your product 🙂 Lori – 47
● “I love this product. It changed my life. It made my issue almost 100% go away. I feel great now, and it helped me feel more alive. It did cause me to feel like I was on my period with a bit of cramps or pressure after use, but after a few hours, I felt great!” Nichole – 28
● “My incontinence was a part of my everyday life, sneezing, coughing, bending, and even walking… small drips, big drips frustrating. I tried some products, hoping, nothing worked. Determined, I did a little research and came across the Elitone System, read some reviews, and a couple of testimonies, all positive, motivating me. I decided to try it. I would recommend The Elitone System to anyone battling incontinence. The muscle stimulation was the best part for me. You can actually feel it working. Nothing but positive results. Thank you. I am forever grateful.” Linda, NY, Age 56.”
● “It is an AMAZING answer to a difficult, embarrassing problem. It allows you to have more confidence when you are out and about; No leaks, no issues, and no urine left on seats, chairs, or benches.” Lynda, Age 64
● ” The device is very effective. It crazy helped with my incontinence, and I recommend this to other people.” Liberty – 37
● “I’m so glad my gynecologist suggested the ELITONE. The other option would have required taking time off work a few times each week. This was much easier to use, and nice I could get dressed. It definitely helped – I’m dry all day now.” Emily – 36

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