SqueeZaroo Sleeve Review!

SqueeZaroo Freezer Pop Sleeve

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The Opinions Expressed in this article are of my own.

I was able to review an adorable and innovative product called SqueeZaroo.  SqueeZaroo is a Freeze Pop Sleeve to keep your hands from freezing and keeps the pop cold. You have to admit, hold a freezer pop can be a bit uncomfortable.  I am thankful that I was able to try this product for myself and see how it changes the freezer pop game. The Sleeves come in many different colors and styles, e.g., Bat, Butterfly, Cat, Dinosaur, etc..

squeezaroo sleeve

I was very interested in the product when it arrived in the mail.  I quickly ran to my freezer and gave my seven-year-old a freezer pop to try it out. (which I never really do) He was a little confused as to what I was doing with the freezer pop, but he was happy to enjoy it without the frigid cold freezer pop experience.  We received to Sleeves, a Bat and a Cat.  He liked the Bat sleeve and asked if they had different options.


All in All, it helps with the freezer burn feeling and saves pop using napkins for paper towels. I think this product is very creative and easy to use.  I am all about helping small woman-owned businesses.

Squeezaroo Sleeve

SqueeZaroos are only $4.00 each, but you can score a deal when you buy three or more and pay just $9.99, That’s $3.33 each! Get your very own SqueeZaroos!

Check out Their Youtube Video:


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The Opinions Expressed in this article are of my own.

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