Saving Money At Macy’s

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Saving Money at Macy's

Macy’s is one of those retailers where anyone and everyone can find something to splurge on. It’s an “everything at one place” type of shopping experience. From shoes to home goods to clothing, you can shop for almost anything at Macy’s. Their merchandise can be on the pricier side, but if you know where to look for the right deals, saving money at Macy’s is easy.

1. Shop beauty items and save on shipping costs.

 Macy’s often has deals for free shipping on orders of $49 or more throughout the year, but there’s one way you can get free shipping year-round. Just by adding a beauty item to your cart, your order will qualify for free shipping! Even adding something as small as a $4 lip gloss will still help you save on the shipping.

2. Macy’s Money.

The Macy’s Money program is worth taking advantage of if you’re a frequent shopper. According to the Macy’s Money policy, you will be able to receive $10 as cashback if your purchase lies between $50 and $74.99, you will get $15 cashback if your purchase lies between $75 to $99.99, you will receive $20 as cashback if your order lies between $100 to $149.99. If your purchase lies between $150 to $199.99, then you will receive $30, and if your purchase is equal to or above $200, then you will receive $40 as cashback. Here’s a breakdown:

  • $50 to 74.99= get $10 cashback
  • $75 to 99.99= get $15 cashback
  • $100 to $149.99= get $20 cashback
  • $150 to $199.99= get $30 cashback
  • $200 and above= get $40 cashback

The Macy’s Money program/policy is a cashback loyalty program that is offered during particular periods in a year. For more information about Macy’s Money program/policy, check out the FAQ on their website.

3. Shop through the Macy’s App.

Downloading and shopping through the Macy’s app will also save you loads of money. By downloading the Macy’s app, you will get a whopping 25% percent discount on your next purchase in the form of a promo code you get as soon as you download the app.

4. Sometimes, spam is worth it.

Sure, we all hate spam, but signing up for the Macy’s newsletter will be worth it. Not only will you be kept in the loop about the upcoming promotions and sales, but you will also receive a 15 discount on your next purchase if your bill is at least $100. Your discount will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up for the Macy’s newsletter.

5. Get your Macy’s credit card and keep it with you.

A Macy’s credit cardholder gets a lot of benefits and ends up saving a lot of money by purchasing items from Macy’s on that credit card. These benefits include free shipping on different items throughout the year, birthday savings offers, members-only sales, surprise savings when you reach the register, and priority customer service. Not only this, but you will also get a 15 to 20 percent discount on your next purchase upon signing up for the Macy’s credit card.

6. Get your hands on the Star Rewards.

Macy’s has a Star Rewards program through which you can get discounts and rewards and, if you have a Macy’s credit card, can receive cashback on specific items from major retailers. These major retailers include Rite Aid, Macy’s, Exxon Mobile, Hulu, and much more. Signing up to be a Star Rewards member is free, but to reap the cashback benefits, you must be a credit cardholder. As a credit cardholder, you earn one point upon your purchase of fragrances, beauty items, and various other products if your bill is up to $10. Not only this but if you earn up to one thousand points, you can get $10 off on various products. Keep in mind that if you don’t use these points, then they will expire after two years.

7. Get significant savings and faster checkout through Macy’s Wallet.

By signing up for Macy’s Wallet, you will receive a faster check out service and will also get the chance to save big. Through Macy’s My Wallet program, you will be able to access the newest promotions instantly. This will be done by tracking your one-time use coupon, and as a result, you will end up finding sales, discounts, and promotions that apply to your order automatically.

8. Keep in touch with

Like all other stores, the prices at the Macy’s store will be different than those on So, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on the Macy’s website to save yourself some money. If you find a lower price on the Macy’s site and show it to the cashier at the register, then they will charge you the amount that was mentioned on All you have to do is ask nicely. You can also show your virtual cart for which you are using a coupon code and tell them the coupon code. As a result, they will apply that coupon on the price, and you’ll save yourself from paying the shipping costs.  

9. Macy’s Rebates.

This is the best way to save money at Macy’s, especially if you are shopping for houseware items. Twenty new rebates are released on Macy’s website each month, with an average value of $30. Once you submit your rebate, you will receive an email from Macy’s, which will consist of the tracking number of your rebate. With this number, you will able to track the status of your rebate. Rebates usually take up to a month to receive. You have to make sure that you submit your rebate from where you purchased that time, in-store or online.


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