The Best Subway Deals: Eat Fresh, Save Cash!

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Subway is a popular fast-food chain serving up fresh, delicious sandwiches at fantastic prices. While these sandwiches are an excellent bargain, it can certainly start to add up if you visit Subway frequently. Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks to help you find the best Subway deals while still getting the tasty sandwiches you crave. Here are our top five tips:

  1. Get Weekly Texts With Coupons

You can get weekly coupons sent to your phone if you sign up for Subway’s SMS program. Just provide your cell phone number and zip code. A 6-inch sub for only $2.99? Hop on that!

  1. Sign Up For A Subway Card

Use Subway’s rewards card to earn tokens that add up to delightful money-off rewards. Better yet, these rewards are based on what you love! You can also look forward to sweet treats, freebies, and special offers. While you’re at it, download their app, so you can keep all of their deals in the palm of your hand, order from your phone, and scan to pay.

  1. Get A Discounted Gift Card From Raise

Raise is an online gift card marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to all your favorite stores and restaurants, including Subway. Save a couple of dollars and enjoy the ease of using a gift card during your next visit.

  1. Split A Footlong With A Friend

Save a couple of bucks by splitting a footlong sub with a friend, or saving your other half for lunch the next day. This helps with portion control, too!

  1. Opt For the Sub of the Day

Subway has a featured sub each day of the week, and always at a discounted price. Check their website to see which day of the week your favorite sandwich is featured, and choose that day to stop by.

Eat Fresh Without Breaking The Bank

By signing up for coupon texts or a Subway card, purchasing a Raise gift card, splitting a footlong with a friend, and choosing the Sub of the Day, you’ll be saving even more on your budget-friendly meal. Enjoy!


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The Best Subway Deals

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