5 Secret Strategies to Save Money at Applebees Today

5 Secret Strategies to save money at applebees Today

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5 Secret Strategies to save money at applebees Today

Are you addicted to Applebee’s? We get it – the food is delicious, and the price is right! Even though this popular chain restaurant is affordable, eating there often can still add up. If you’re a regular at your local Applebee’s and you’re always on the hunt for Applebee’s coupons, be sure to apply these money-saving hacks to squeeze every penny out of your order.

Before applying these hacks, make sure to take note of the fact that different Applebee’s locations have other deals. Some of these hacks might not apply to your local Applebee’s or may not be available nationwide. For example, there’s an Applebee’s in central Florida that turns into a nightclub from 10 PM until 2 AM – but no other Applebee’s location does this!

Let’s get into the best hacks for saving money at Applebee’s.

1. Late Night Specials:

Most of Applebee’s locations offer this deal. After the clock strikes 9 PM, appetizers are half price. There is usually also an exclusive discount on alcoholic drinks. So, the next time you want to go out for drinks, go to Applebee’s after 9 to enjoy drinks and appetizers on a budget.

2. Seize the Happy Hours:

The Happy Hour deal is often the same as the Late Night Specials deal but takes place earlier in the evening. Enjoy half-priced appetizers and a hefty discount on all adult beverages – just check your local Applebee’s to see what time they hold Happy Hour.

3. Sign Up for the Newsletter:

Remember one thing, my frugal friends: spam that saves you money is not bad spam. Join Applebee’s email club and end up saving buckets of money. Through the newsletter, you will occasionally receive discount coupon codes, promotions, and various other deals that your bank account will thank you for.

4. Visit On Your Birthday:

By signing up for the email club with your birthday, you will become eligible to get a free dessert when you turn a year older.

5. Download the App:

The Applebee’s app is known as “Applebee’s Carside to Go.” You can use this service to order food for pickup. Applebee’s offers more sales and better deals if you order food online and through the app. You will also get a $5 discount on your first confirmed order if your bill is $25 or more. To use this discount, use this coupon code (5OFF25) while confirming your first order from the Applebee’s app.

6. 2 for $20 Menu:

Applebee’s 2 for $20 Menu is another hack to save money at Applebee’s. Through this special menu, you can get two full-sized main dishes or entrees with an appetizer for $20 or $25 maximum. It is a limited selection menu, but most popular dishes are available on this menu. Since a single full-sized dish or entree can cost up to at least $15, you can end up saving a lot of money through this menu.

7. Bring Your Kids:

Kids twelve years old or under get to eat free at Applebee’s on certain days, as long as the adult orders a full-sized main dish or entree. If you’re taking the whole family out to dinner, this can mean huge savings.

8. Buy a Gift Card:

You can buy discounted Applebee’s gift cards from many online retailers.

9. Get a Rewards Card:

If you dine out often, getting a rewards credit card is a great way to save money. Rewards cards can help you earn points on your restaurant orders, as well as other profitable discounts and deals.

10. Offer a Suggestion:

Sometimes, giving suggestions or honest and detailed feedback to the Applebee’s corporate office can provide you discounts, coupon codes, and even gift cards. You have nothing to lose, so give it a try! Remember, this depends upon the discretion of Applebee’s management.

11. Browse “Restaurant.com”:

By browsing this website, you can earn gift certificates worth up to 25 dollars. To make the most out of your gift certificates, try to use them on days when the kids can eat for free. Who knows, you might end up eating at Applebee’s without spending a single penny.

12. Pack Your Leftovers:

If you have leftovers, make sure to take them home. All of Applebee’s locations are happy to offer boxes and bags to take home leftover food. Since portions can be large, you can also consider splitting your meal with a dining partner instead of ordering two full-sized entrees.

13. Grab an Early Dinner:

The lunch menu always costs less than the dinner menu, so consider heading out a little earlier and grabbing a meal towards the end of lunch hours.

14. Combine Applebee’s Coupons with Other Offers:

If you want to save a crazy amount of money at Applebee’s, try combining several of these hacks! For example, go to Applebee’s during Happy Hour and take Applebee’s coupons and gift certificates with you to save a hefty amount of money. You might end up eating for free!

Enjoy Your Meal!

By using the easy hacks above, you can save big on a delicious meal at Applebee’s. Sign up for the newsletter, visit during Happy Hour, and don’t forget about your free birthday dessert! We hope these tips help you enjoy more meals at Applebee’s for less money.


5 Secret Strategies to save money at applebees Today

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