7 Tips to Master Eating Out at Home

7 Tips for Eating Out at Home (1)

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7 Tips to Master Eating Out at Home

Going to restaurants is expensive in more than one way. It costs a lot, but it’s also usually very unhealthy. Most people don’t even go to costly places either. They tend to go to the chains, which all have very high-calorie meals that are cheap to prepare. The problem is, the price is not low when you do it often, and it’s just not worth it.

Instead of going out to get meals you think you like, you can make them at home. Whether it’s Mexican night, Indian night, Italian night, or something else entirely, you and your friends can do it at home. The way to get it done is to make it memorable.

1. Dress Up

Everyone can dress nicely as if they’re going to whatever place serves the type of food you plan to make. It will feel more like an event to everyone by asking people to dress for the occasion as if they’re going out in a theme of some kind.

2. Set the Mood

Clean up a little extra, set a centerpiece on the table, fix the lighting, and create a mood with some music. It’s incredible how different eating to music is compared with the TV and random YouTube videos playing in the background.

3.  Pot Luck

Regardless of the theme of the dinner, you and your friends can make light work of it all by agreeing to each bring something to the dinner party. So, if it’s Italian night, someone might get the bread, someone might bring the prepared pasta, and someone else might bring a salad.

4. Cook Together

Set up a griddle in the middle of the table so that everyone can cook together like they do at some fancy places. You can also set up a hot pot to create Laotian food at home. Think a little outside the box to make it more fun.

5. Get Away from the table

Instead of sitting at the table, you can create something more fun, such as an Arabian tent with some sheets and blankets strategically placed with a table and pillows on the floor. It’s all up to you and the type of meal you plan to enjoy, but it does not have to be at the table.

6. Plan Activities

Don’t just plan to eat and drink; also plan some activities such as playing Pictionary or setting up your telescope to enjoy some stargazing. Make it a fun event to come to so that it’s memorable to everyone and feels like a night out.

7. Order a Food Box

There are many food boxes you can order with restaurant-quality meals inside, and they will let you order extras so that you can cook it at home. These meals, for the most part, taste great and have the right direction. Check out these meal plans:  Home Chef, Gobble, Freshly, Dinnerly, Carnivore Club

Remember that the main point of having dinner out at home is to make having dinner an event. Set the mood, dress the part, and plan some form of activity. Don’t worry about cleaning up until the next day, but if you have guests, you can also get everyone to help as part of the activities.

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7 Tips for Eating Out at Home

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