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Boost Your Savings on Social Events With These Tips

Everyone likes to do fun activities, but it can be hard to find things that don’t break the bank. However, there are ways to find discounts and special deals so that you can be more social and get more involved in social activities. You can try the following ideas.


This site offers discounts on many different things, from food to activities. They change daily so check every day to find out what is being offered in your area.


Here you can get discounts for travel and more, with up to 80 percent off. This is a good site to find awesome deals, and the cool thing is if you recruit enough people to do the deal with you, you might even get it free due to referral credit.

3. Your Birthday 

You can get free stuff for your birthday at a lot of different places such as Cold Stone Creamery where you can get some free ice cream. Find out the places in your local area that offer freebies for whatever reason, and frequent those places more often.

4. Movies 

Many local areas, especially in the summertime, offer very low-cost afternoon movies that get you out of the heat in the summer and give you a fun break in the AC with some popped corn. Usually, this is going to cost about two to five dollars per person on these special days. You can also watch free movies with Amazon Prime, and if you have a smart TV by using

5. Your Local Library

Many people forget, but your local library is a wealth of information for anyone to find out what to do locally for free and at a low cost. If you don’t know how to use your library, the librarian will be more than happy to help you get informed about your local area. Check out Local Libraries near me

6. Get a Local Event App 

Numerous local event apps can help you find things to do socially that are free and low cost.,, and are good apps to download on your phone or to use on your PC to find fun, inexpensive, and even free local events.

7. Community Calendars 

You can often find these at your local library, the Chamber of Commerce, or nowadays via Facebook too. Many cities have these calendars right on their city websites.

8. Parks and Recreation Department

This is a good way to find any activities and classes for you and your family. Sometimes they’ll even list other things just because they’re part of the community. 

9. Local Colleges and Universities

Look at the calendars at your local schools to find activities that are open to the public. Schools often have inexpensive plays, talks, and other activities. Check out Local colleges and Universities near me.

* Local Publications

Many local publications are good places to look for free and low-cost social activities to do as a family, alone or with your partner.Finding special deals, low-cost activities, and even free stuff to do may take a little work but if you pay attention, ask questions, and keep your eyes open, you’re sure to discover a variety of events that you can do that won’t break your bank.

What are your favorite events to attend and what is the source you use to find these deals? Let us know in the comments below.

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BOOST Your Savings on Social Events With These Tips