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Do you find it hard to save for a new appliance, pocketbook, laptop or vacation? What if you could save for what you want with a little help? Get started on saving for what you want with Reel.

Reel allows you to save incrementally in order to save for the products you want to buy from a brand-new purse to a vacation.

Here's How it Works

#1 - Tell Reel what you want

Search millions of products from hundreds of stores, add a custom item or a goal of your choice.

#2 - Set Your Saving Strategy

Choose a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly saving strategy. Then link your bank account or debit card to automate your savings.

#3 - Save up, then own it (debt-free)

When you have saved up in full, just confirm your details and Reel takes care of the rest. Reel will make it easy by placing the order for you.

Other Benefits

  • Reel gives you 1% back in rewards for every dollar you save. You can turn rewards into credit and apply them towards your goals to complete them faster.
  • As Reel helps you stash your money aside, they also look for deals on the items you’re saving for. The better the deal the less you need to save up and the sooner you can complete your goal.
  • They also have a Chrome Extension that allows you to start saving for anything you want on the web with the push of a button. 

My Reel

Here is what I am saving for, “The Always Pan” that costs $145 and I have already completed 77% of my savings and will be done saving for my “Always Pan” on Feb. 7th. This was such a wonderful and easy way to save up for something I really wanted without going broke. 

My readers receive a $10 off coupon on their first Reel. Just use code: C-HLIFE and start saving for what you want with Reel.

How to apply $10 off Coupon

  1. Once you find a product, select your saving strategy and connect your bank account. Then look for the “Apply promo code” link (right above the “Start Saving Now Button”)
  2. Enter the code, then hit “Apply.” Promo will be applied automatically.
  3. This code is valid for $10 off your first Reel. This code expires 2/28/22

What are you waiting for? Join Reel Now and use code: C-HLIFE to get $10 off on your first Reel.

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