How Reading Kingdom helped my son in school

Reading Kingdom

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Last year, my son struggled with Reading and Reading Comprehension. He was excelling in all of the other classes, but Reading was a big frustration. I was worried that he would not pass third grade due to his inability to understand what he was reading. His favorite subject is Math and wishes he only had math class all day. Fast forward to the new school year, I knew that fourth grade would start to become more advanced as far as Reading. I decided to get him to try Reading Kingdom, which is an online K-3 reading program for neurotypical children that will teach your child to read and write with comprehension.

I must say, this has been such a life saver. He does not fight to do the exercise and actually enjoys doing the problems. Since starting the new school year, we have started to see him improve in his reading and understanding the story and the questions that are being asked. I highly recommend Reading Kingdom to any parent who has a child that is struggling with Reading and Reading Comprehension. This is a win-win!!!

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Reading Kingdom

“Reading Kingdom is a monumental work that gives families a simple, straightforward and time-tested approach.” – Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Columbia University
Reading Kingdom is the fun way to teach your child how to read! The online program teaches students to read and write with comprehension to a 3rd grade level. Reading Kingdom’s innovative techniques are extremely effective because they are based on a new “Phonics-PLUS” model of reading instruction.

Key Benefits:

– Super easy and fun to use
– Works on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection (including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebooks, etc.)
– Research-based and incredibly effective
– Program is personalized for each student
– Includes versions for ELL students and students 11+

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